Chapter 3: The one with the Grim Reaper!

Hey there! After a long break, I finally had time to play this challenge again! I missed my dumb casanova so much xD

Anyway, if you remember, last chapter we got some kind of glitch/clash that ended up with Jace turning into a plant sim, we made him finally join the actor career, and got a fair number of kissing adventures done! I think we’re on the right track about that, but we’ll see if we can keep the pace the rest of the challenge!

For now, time to dive back in!

And Jace is starting being dumb as always and eating a salad… which doesn’t fill his hunger because he’s a plantsim and as such he needs sunlight instead of food. That’s my boy.

Also at this point he only has 22 hours left of the plantsim moodlet, finaly!

After getting his other needs up, our first stop for the day was Willow Creek’s library, I’m hunting some npcs! But because it was still too early, there’s no librarian lol! So for now Jace is gonna take his breakfast from this strawberry bush.

And then play around a little in the skating ring. I think this raises fitness skill right? xD I’m always keeping an eye on the skills needed for acting.

And the librarian turn finally started! Meet Estrella! Time to put the Gallagher charm to work!

And work he did~ I feel the flirting thing it’s gonna get old at some point xD most of the time its the same thing over and over again.

Though I always enjoy interactions like this one, it’s really cute~!

And kiss scored! Hooray!

Estrella Ludwig, librarian, give us +20 more points!

Also, aparently that last kiss pushed Jace’s reputation to great xD I’m not sure how much sence does that make, he’s just a guy going around kissing everyone he can, even married sims xD That doesn’t sound so great to me. #SimsLogic.

See? He’s literally flirting with another sim right outside the building his last kiss is working in xD

Anyway, this is Rafael, the make up artist we met at work last chapter.

The flirting got interrupted by Jace’s audition, so we’re back at home now, he passed!

So why not have a little celebration~?

Yup, Rafael is promptly invited to continue right were we left it. Also, that’s the place where they decided to carry on with all of the flirting, seriously, I even sent them to “sit and chat” on the sofa, but they didn’t move from that tiny entrance xD

But anyway, we made it work~

And Rafael Britton is officially part of the kissing wall! +20 for kissing a Make-up artist!

I sent them to try for a baby before Rafael left, and the plant sim moodlet finally wore off while they were at it… and Jace turned into a black silhouette again *sighs* I didn’t want to change his hairstyle.

But at least I have a lot of fancy hairstyles to replace it, I finally decided for this one, so say hi to new Jace~ for now, I may change it again later xD

Anyway, next morning Jace caught Rafael before he went home and asked him to be his boyfriend, and he said yes! we’re planning ahead for the aspiration xD

Anthony came to deliver our mail and we took the chance to take another pic with him for the wall!

side note, by the end of this chapter I still haven’t paid the bills lol totally forgot to do it.

Speaking of the kissing wall: here it is so far! no bad for just a couple of chapters, huh?

Remember when I said I had plans for Dennis? well, we’re giving him a house key as part of the plan. I’m trying to get some elder to die in my lot so I can get Grim to show up *feels slightly guilty about it* And also for the ghost kiss~

LOL! I inivited Katlin, the chief of the police station, to give her a key too, and this is how she said hi to Jace. She’s clearly delighted with the idea.

And with that stuff deald with, Jace is now working on his skills. Yup, skilling by watching comedy tv xD boring for me but fun for him.

or at least that was the plan, until I saw this girl walking right next to the house. Some of you may recognize her as the mixologist he met at the spice festival, but for some reason, when I went to talk to her and asked for her job, she said she was unnemployed…

I wonder if that’s some kind of glitch or if it’s something usual. Anyway, I was dissapointed, and about to let her go, when she suddenly used mind powers on Jace and he got the confident moodlet for discovering an alien! non of this is captured on this pictures because I suck at being a watcher.

But here: out of curiosity I used MCCC to make her take her disguise off, and this is how she really looks. And because we still haven’t kissed any aliens, time to keep flirting!

This was suposed to be their kiss shot, but my pc was kinda lagging with screenshots so this is all we got xD

And then they took me by surprise by autonomously becoming boyfriend and girlfriend! They really enjoy making me struggle with the photos xD

Anyway, here’s the pic for the Kisses wall: Marjorie Funk, alien +25!

With all of that taken care of, we sent Marjorie her way and Jace came back into the house to take care of his needs and keep working.

We called Devon, the vendor of the festival, as soon as he was done! they were almost at first kiss level already, so it was a good option to score the second kiss of the day.

Or at least that was the idea…until they relationship aparently got culled right while they were talking to eachother… seriously, they were right there in the middle of a conversation! I was so mad xD

And then I got angrier because after that, their relationship was a pain in the ass to recover! every couple of interactions the conversation would turn awkward again, and even with Jace using the “smooth apology” option, things were going sloooow.

I finally got them to first kiss territory again… and she rejected him! This is our first rejected kiss in the challenge xD and the first in a long, long time playing this game in general.

So yeah, after this I decided to let her go… for now xD honestly, her being so difficult is making wooing her more interesting for a change so I may try again later xD Anyway, after this Jace was sent home because he has work tomorrow

And then this call came in sometime in the night! Our first baby has been born!

I didn’t even knew this was a feature by the way, I don’t usually have my sims have kids with outside the main household, but it’s pretty nice!

So… my plan to have Dennis be friends with Jace and die in my lot backfired… Dennis died during the night and Jace woke up super sad about it. I hope this doesn’t affect his work perfomance.

And out second baby is born! Another boy!

chatting up another future conquest while eating~ Also, I realized you can steal food from the set by dragging it to your inventory lol! Best thing? More food appears when you take it, every time! I’ll try not to abuse this, but it’s good to know xD

Side note, Jace looks good as a blond!

His scenes came mostly all right, but he just got to silver in his perfomance. It was enough to earn him a promotion though! He’s now level 3!

And being back at home. it’s time to celebrate on the only way we know xD

We invited over Alex Moyer! She still shows up in his contacts as a mixologist, so now we can scratch that from the list.

She was a lot more receptive than Devon last night! Also cheers to flirting in front of the pizza lol

And score again! We’re back in the game!

Alex Moyer give us another +20 for kissing a mixologist!

Next day Jace was free, so he decided to take a trip to the new Spa in town. I downloaded this fromt he gallery, by the user name Ohcarollaura.

And right away we started flirting with one of the massage therapists. this guy is Aarav, he’s handsome!

And then we got interrupted by this: the other theratpist, who by the way was Jacques Villarreal, decided it was his time to go!

I didn’t expect that, but I must admit I was kind of glad xD now we can finally meet the Grim Reaper!

OMG! I didn’t knew that was an option but that’s epic!!! *dies laughing* of course I had to try it, but it didn’t work, oh well xDD *keeps laughing* we later learn that Grim is apparently Unflirty *sarcastic yaaaay* 

He didn’t seem unflirty though, he accepted most of Jace flirts with ease!

Also shout out to Jace for having no shame and flirting right in front of the urn of Jacques lol You can even see other sims mourning his death right there.

Oh wow, two in one day?! Yup, this woman was also ready to leave this realm xD I didn’t even try pleading for her life this time, we had more important things to do.

What I did do was putting her urn. along with Jacques’, in Jace’s inventory, We’re gonna need that ghost kiss too!

For now, he found a nice, secluded room, and keep flirting with Grim for a long while.

I honestly don’t even know if it’s possible to kiss the grim reaper in this game. I know that you can’t get into a relationship with him unless you use cheats, but I’m curious about the kiss, so we tried xD So far they got over half reomance bar filled and no kiss option showed up. Then Grim dissapeared.

So before going home I had Jace try to seduce some of the workers as it was the original plan. This guy is Mathew and he’s a reflexologist.

And he was down in like, ten interactions! seriously, this was wicked fast xD

And selfie time! Mathew Masters, reflexologist +20!

Then we went to the second floor to look for a massage therapist. They guy he had been talking to earlier was nowhere to be seen, so we tried with this pretty blonde instead.

And again, this was ridiculously fast! I guess Jace’s high charisma is making things easier for him, glad to know I’m not gonna be needing to get him the Beguiling trait to make things easier! So instead I decided to spent his points in Entreprenurial.

Also, no idea why the lights were out in the first picture xD they turned on right after I took it.

Anyway, Kayla Barrows, massage therapist, +20!

And this looks like the perfect place to end this update! We got a ton of new kisses, I think the hardest part of the challenge so far has been finding sims with the right career levels, but sooner or later they will start coming!

I hope you had fun following on Jace’s adventures! join us again to discover if we can or not kiss Grim! And of course, for a ton of sim shaneanigans!

See ya!

Points so far: 280

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