Chapter 4 The one with the change of rules

Hi there! It’s been some time since we last saw Jace! I been focused on some of my other challenges, and honestly, I don’t feel like playing this savefile as often as some others, but hey, once I start playing again I remember just how much fun this challenge is lol.

So anyway, last time we took a trip to the spa and met the Grim Reaper himself after a couple elders there died! Sadly, I’ve looked into ir and looks like Grim isn’t kissable (lame!) But we still had lots of fun flirting with him, so no hard feelings! Time to focus on some other kissable options, and have fin with our little casanova!

We start right where we left last time. Jace has just come back home from the spa, still wearing his comfy robe!

Also, you may no notice but Jace is back to his previous haircut! It works again, and it makes me so happy because I just feel it’s the most Jace haircut I have lol.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot I hadn’t paid the bills last chapter lol oops!

There, just one quick trip to the mailbox and we’re ready to roll~ so time to skill comedy while eating some pizza, Jace is living his best life!

Oh no, definitely not doing that buddy lol I’m not usually opposed to possible alien babies, but that actually costs us points in this challenge so you’re going back to sleep!

He thankfully listened to me, and next morning after taking care of his needs we go back into our job. Also I still love how that shirt looks on him!

We invited Devon again! Hopefully she’s gonna be a little more receptive this time. Ande yeah this is where they decided to carry on with all the flirting *sighs* I know the house isn’t particulary pretty but c’mon! at least it gives me space for the pictures!

But yeah, Devon was a lot more receptive this time! And she’s glowing, so I guess that means she’s an alien… thankfully we already got those points with Marjorie last time!

And kiss~ not a bad start at all!

I still don’t understand where do that thing covering Devon’s face comes from, but it kinda makes the picture funnier lol so yeah Devon Scott, food vendor +20

Oh, and since she’s already here and I’m still on a quest to populate the sim world with Jace’s kids, we’re trying for a baby!

And later that day, is now time to go harass some new people lol our victims today are people at the veterinary clinic at Brindleton bay~

And we have two candidates, both of them have interesting looks so I made Jace introduce himself to both, We’ll see later who will be chosen.

So, random funfact: that guy is Nikolai Fontaine, he’s the paparazzi we kissed chapters ago, and he apparently married Catarina Lynx, so now both of them are here with their pets lol.

And since we already kissed Nikolai once, we’re going for Catarina for the “pet owner kiss” We started building up relationship, but then she was called by the vet and ignored us, so rude!

I guess we’re gonna havy to try another visit here later.

Because Catarina looks pretty busy with that mischievous kitten lol I really love that cats can jump on the counters.

So we went back home…

And promptly called Victor Feng to join us! Apparently, there was a slight change of rules since I last played this game, and it was decided that every level in a sim career counts for points now, not just level 10 positions! This opens a looooot of posibilities for Jace and I’m definitely taking advantage! It also means I have to take away a couple points from the detective kiss I got buuut is honestly wotth it!

So we started to court Victor, who’s level 9 in the Polititian career~ I’m extra happy about this because honestly, as a lesbian, I believe Victor is a really atractive sim lol! He’s probably one of my favorite male premades.

Saddly, we didn’t get very far before things started to turn a little awkward, I guess victor is really in love with Lily, but we’ll keep trying! For now Jace has to go to his next audition, so things were cut short.

Yay! This is a notification I really wanted to see! Looks like our first kid is finally a toddler! we’re gonna take a  look at him, and his siblings who also turn into toddlers this update, after we finish playing!

For now, Jace has a day off before his next acting job, so we’re not losing time!

I finally decided to go for the female veterinarian, Her name is Ashly, and she would totally be spouse material in any other save honestly! We took her on a date to the Stargazer lounge because Jace needs three gold dates for the last level of his aspiration! We’re making some good progress on that one, which excites me because I want to try and complete Master actor too.

Ashly: “The air here is so clean. C’mon take a deep breath with me Jace!”

Jace: “You know, I think it’s still not too late to call the blond guy instead…”

lol I’m sorry, this pic just made me laugh.

But score! Ashly Hagen, veterinarianm +20!

Did I went into build mode just to add a closet in here for Woo-hoo purposes? yeah, I totally did lol It’s always good to have a woo-hoo spot on date destinations!

This TFB didn’t result in pregnancy, but since I also noted later that I forgot to take Ashly’s picture for the wall, we have an excuse to invite her over later!

Because for now, we have a new target! After the date was over I looked at the mixologist and I would recognize this face everywhere! yep, it’s Ukupanipo! And you know what Uku is? Yup, A merman!

Jace already has enough charisma to do the “enchanting introduction” lol I love that one, is hilarious, and also pretty useful for this types of challenges, it’s what my 100 babies matriarch uses with all her donnors.

Nop, this isn’t our challege kiss lol Jace needed to practice romance scenes for work, so we used Uku as our partner for it lol We got a couple tips from it, which is a nice extra!

And looks like he really liked it! Like seriously lol I have Jace for a pretty vain guy and Uku took twice as long getting the ovation from the public. I guess he should try the acting career too!

Then we moved into the real courtship. I really like this two honestly, probably because Ukupanipo is one of thos premades I just love, but they’re totally otp! A new one after Don of course lol.

And success! Ukupanipo Hekekia, merman, +20!

Them we took him back home with us and took his picture for the wall~

And of course I couldn’t let go of the chance for some mermaid babies!

Then we decided to try and make him become Jace’s boyfriend…and he’s not having it lol I guess our boy Jace has some bad reputation around. Getting him up to eight partners is gonna be the hardest part of the aspiration.

Next day at work~ can we take a moment to appreciate the fact Judith Ward was hired as a background actress for this show? lol I guess they really wanted a little star power. Also shout out for our make up guy who’s super excited to see her xD.

Apparently he was so excited that he messed up with our hair lol apparently, because honestly I think Jace looks great with the aqua hair!

… Like yeah, he’s a handsome brunette and all that, but honestly, I liked the aqua hair a bit more lol.

Rehearsing our scens with our co-star …

And then getting real kiss from her~ that was easy.  Elyssa Dillard, Co-star and level 3 actress: +25!

Then we try to ask her to be girlfriend aaaand another fail lol seriously this is proving to be difficult! My sims in other saves rarely get rejected!

Oh well, I hope this doesn’t make things awkward on set.

Looks like it didn’t! We got another gold performance in a blink!

And we got our new picture for the wall too! A very sucessful day!

Hey, we got nominated for an award! and best part is that it’s saturday, there’s no way I forget to go to the ceremony this time! I hope.

Also if you look at Jace’s inventory you can see that I’m still stealing food from the set lol Jace must me my lowest cooking skill level controlled sim in a looooong time.

Jace came home with a promotion, and celebrated by inviting Ashly over to get her picture! And yeah, they’re in pyjamas because we tried for a baby lol it’s Talk like a pirate day, and I just couldn’t let go of the chance to use the “try for new pirate” interaction, I find it adorable.

And then Ashly surprised my by actually saying yes to being Jace’s girlfriend! yaaaay we just need two more now!

We got the vist of a very angry Jacques’ Villarreal ghost that night. I better remember to get the ghost kiss out of the way soon, I don’t like having to deal with the angry ghosts breaking my stuff in this challenge lol.

Next morning Marjorie susprise us by randomly stopping by…inside the house? lol  yup, she just broke into our house to cheer for Jace lol.

But I mean, she was already there, and she wasn’t pregnant anymore so… we’re having half alien kids lol.

And then, because we didn’t take any new works to be free for the awards time, we had enough time for a quick date! So to the Discotheque Pan Europa we went!

Meet our date for today, her name is Lorelei Felix, and she was the director from Jace’s last gig!

I sent them to sit at one of the tables the discotheque have, but apparently they decided the bar where 10 people where hanging out was better lol it gets super frustrting fast, because we soon learn that Lorelei is Unflirty *sighs* that’s a first one for this challenge.

Thankfully, we were able to unlock the door to the partihaus place in the basement and I still feel we shouldn’t be able to lol and the rest of the flirting was taken care of downstairs.

And kiss! +20 more points for today~

And a quick woohoo for baby in the closet lol Jace is building an army of tiny Jace’s!

We finished the date just in time for the award ceremony, so time to go!

Funfact: Jace is a level 1 celebrity, and this door needs level 3 to let you in…so yeah, Jace didn’t even made it inside the building lol! I think it was hilarious. But anyway, at least we found out that Marcus is now working as a bouncer! I guess we can kiss him now!

Also, let’s take a minute to take in the fact that some of these celebrities just decided to sit on the floor to hear the ceremony lol! I love sims logic so much!

Whoops, looks like a better bed is going into our list of priorities lol saddly I had just spent most of our money in getting the unbreakable toilet so Jacques stops breaking it, so it will have to wait.

Jace needs to develop his Fitness skill for his next gig, so we asked Darling to train us. I love Darling, they’re adorable, so I’m happy to see they got a job at the local gym!

Hey, look! Ukupanipo is at the gym too, and he’s veeeery pregnant lol! I’m super excited to meet his baby/s!

Oh yeah, and my two favorite gays were here too! Funfact, Brant and Oliana actually share the same job! They’re both Personal trainers in the Athletic career, so I can kiss any of them for those points…but I can’t chose lol I just reaaaaaally love Oliana, but I feel Brant is more of Jace’s type…

So until I can make my deision, we’re gonna concentrate in other people lol so we went to introduce ourselves to Makoa! I remember he’s in the conservasionist career so let’s get him hooked!

We still need one more date for the aspiration, so we took him on a trip to Chez Llama for a fancy dinner…in the middle of a thunderstorm lol I love how different the weather can be between worlds.

Also, can I say that I love how this is Makoa’s formal clothing? It’s so Sulani!

Hey, looks like Cassandra Goth is our waitress for the day! Good to know for the future!

And we were lucky enough to have a restaurant critic sit next to us! This is Case Faulkner, and he’s very handsome! I’m probably gonna save him to use in another challenge or something.

We also gave our compliments to the cook because I know that adds him to our contacts list. His name is German Flores. Looks like we have a couple nice iptions to start next chapter!

Dinner date was a big succes, but it ended before we could get our kiss from Makoa, so we invited to our house to spend the night~ He was really into it, so success!

Picture for the wall! Makoa Kealoha, level 3 Conservasionist, +10!

And he even said yes to being Jace’s seventh boyfriend! We just need one more and the aspiration will be completed!

But we’ll take care of that next chapter! for now, I leave you with Jace and Makoa trying for a baby~ I feel like this is gonna backfire to me once the kids grow up and start having kids and then I can’t kiss anyone else lol but for now, I’m gonna enjoy it.

Also, speaking of kids, let’s take a look at Jace’s kids so far!

Forst of all, this is Quentin Lothario!  Man I’m already in love with him! He looks like he has a lot of genes from Don, and we know Don makes some really pretty babies!

Next up we have Aarav Rhoades. He’s the son of the Winderburg DJ Mack, and I feel like so far he also has a lot of genes from his other dad! Though those are definitely Jace’s green eyes.

and last but no least, Daryl Britton. He’s Rafael’s son, Rafael is our make-up artist. I’m kinda bummed that he didn’t inherited his blonde hair, but he’s super cute! Also, I feel like he’s the one who resembles Jace a little more so far.

And I think that’s all for now. We also got the notification that Devon gave birth to a little girl called Madisyn, so we’ll meet her next time!

For now, have fun, take care of yourselves, and happy simming everyone!

Points so far: 365

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 The one with the change of rules

  1. I am planning to do this challenge for Sim Fete! So was interesting to read your process! Hopefully, Jace gets all those loves in and tops his career one day! Seeing the acting career was quite enjoyable that I hope I can check it out later!
    — Bouncer from Boolprop


  2. Am personally reading this for any tips as I get ready for the challenge!
    Was a very enjoyable read and I do hope when you do enjoy it to see how many points Jace gets!


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