Chapter 5: The one with a completed aspiration!

Hey there everyone! Welcome to anothet chapter of my Sweet lips challenge!

As usual, it’s been a while since I last updated, I apologize for leaving poor Jace alone for so long! I’ve recently decided that I want to try and complete this challenge on this year though I keep starting challenges sooooo good luck to me with that! so I thought that a good start for this was to finallly put out this chapter that has been sitting on me drafts for like…. four months lol.

Anyways, last time we kept working on Jace’s aspiration, getting to the point where he only needs one last boyfriend to complete it! We went on some dates, we kissed lots of people, and we met a couple of Jace’s kids so far Probably the only ones I’m gonna keep up with at least until they’re teenagers lol ther’s gonna be too many kids to keep track otherwise. Today, we’re completing that aspiration! And of course, kissing much more people lol let’s get into it.

We start the day or night technically?? With a very non-glamourous picture of Jace cleaning the toilet lol sometimes even stars have to the dirty work~

Though I could probably hire him a maid or something… It would be another kiss, I’ll think about it. He is pretty broke so far tho.

Damn! He wasn’t out of work for that long game! The fame system is trully unforgiving! … I like it honestly lol it’s realistic.

Also I’m not doing the fame aspiration sooo don’t care lol.

Jace does care though, he looks heartbroken that he lost his fame lol poor Jace.

But I know what will cheer him up!

We’re calling a very important someone today! This is the last kiss Jace needs to complete his aspiration!

We chose the chef from the restaurant, German, because I love the cat ears hair lol.

Jace also needs one last boyfriend for his aspiration, so let’s see if he wants to help us with it…

He looks super unsure because I took the picture in the wrong moment lol but he said yes!

My game was too excited about it, because it actually counted the aspiration as completed before they kissed lol!

Anyways, with this, Jace has completed his aspiration as per the rules say! Now we just need to keep earning promotions for his job!

And here’s the proof that the kiss did happen!

We take his picture for the wall~ German Flores, Chef NPC~ +20~

And inmediatly after that, Jace’s new gig starts!

Before starting work for the day, Jace works his way through some other npcs. This is Augustus, he’s the Dolly camera operator.

And +20 for kissing another NPC! This one was quick and easy!

I always try to have my actors get confident before filming so they can perform the Risky actions, so quick stop at the mirror before getting into costume~

Also, Judith Ward is one of our extras today again lol! This studio’s budget is impresive for sure!

Before completing his gig, Jace takes the chance to meet a couple more people. Mainly because I think it’s hilarious to see him flirting in this costume lol.

This was one of my favorite gigs so far lol! This costume! I just love it!

It ended with Gold of course, and then we decided to stay a little extra:

Oh, yeah, this is my favorite picture from the bunch now lol! Augustus Blanchard, camera operator. I almost forgot to take his picture before.

Then we went to try luck with this producer girl, Carrie.

Damn! So hot, so seductive lol! I’m loving this! This animation is so silly already!

What you guys don’t know, it’s that this is how weird space Bunny-like creatures kiss: they eat half their mate’s faces lol! So romantic.

Work time ended, so we took Carrie home with us so we can have her picture.

Also so we can try for a baby with her lol I wanted to see if they would do it with the costume, and they absolutely do lol.

So I basically turned Jace into a furry… Sorry Jace lol. I hadn’t thought about that until I was writing this lol.

Yikes! This is gonna get real annoying with this challenge! I guess I’ll try it and if it doesn’t work for us I can always get him the quirk away potion and then try to get him the quirk that makes him addicted to mirrors lol.

Anyways, Carrie also gets her picture taken, and this time Jace even let’s get being front in the picture lol Carrie Shea, Producer~ +20

And then she goes home, and since Jace doesn’t have much to do home, we take a trip to San Myshuno to try luck with some of the city NPCs

There weren’t many NPCs around, but we saw Justin Delgato around and took the chance to meet him too, for future kisses since he left pretty quickly.

Also, around here I started getting rid of a lot of my CC to help my game run a little smoother and accidentally erased Jace’s hair lol so I went into CAS to get him another, and discovered he unlocked this amazing hair with his acting lol very elegant.

Anyways, Here’s Jace with a new hair… I’m probably gonna end up changing it again next time lol but here’s him at the moment.

And so we go back to the game and introduce ourselves to Brent Hecking. He doesn’t look very excited about it lol maybe he knows we want to seduce his husband too.

Awwwn look at that! Don is very sweet ❤ he’s the best ex we could have.

Anyways, for some reason sims weren’t very interested on Jace today, so we decided to take a break and enjoy some very out of tune karaoke lol I love having my sims’ with no singing skills sing karaoke.

And after that moment of relaxation at least for Jace, I don’t think the other patrons of the club we’re relaxing that much with his singing lol. We keep trying to meet new people. Our next target is Akira Kibo~

Yikes, this is seriously the worst possible quirk for this challenge lol it is interesting tho, so I’m still experimenting.

Anyways, crawlies or not, Jace and Akira keep flirting, and Akira even takes the lead and surprises Jace with a first kiss!

For some reason the game doesn’t registres the kiss though…

So Jace claims another first kiss, and this one works perfectly!

Akira Kibo, level 1 Tech Guru damn, level 1? Akira is slackin’! lol +15~!

Inmediatly after the kiss Akira just leaves before we can ask him for a picture… So yeah, we’ll have to look for that later. For now I’m satisfied enough with the kiss.

We decide to keep the ball rolling and run to meet with one of the karaoke contestants for today. This is Santiago Salmon (yep, Salmon, I’m still laughing about that lol) and he’s level 6 on the Detective career.

This time we better go for the picture before the kiss lol gotta maximize our time~ or something (?

Saddly, flirting doesn’t go our way, and there goes my maximizing time thing *sighs* People kept inserting themselves into their conversation and turning it awkward! First it was this weird shirtless guy….

…And then inmediatly after I finally got him to go away, Supriya decided we needed company… I love you Supriya, but why??

So we decided to move the party back home, and took Santiago with us.

And they finally reach kiss status! That took way longer than it needed! I would have given up if I hadn’t taken the photo already lol I didn’t want to waste the photo.

Anyways, Santiago Salmon, level 6 Detective, +15.

They also tried for a baby so I can keep building my army of Jace’s kids lol. I wanna see who has the cutest kids so I can save them to use in some of my other legacies (?

And with that deal done, Jace moves to enchant his next target: Geoffrey Landgraab.

They didn’t managed an actual kiss, but they had this amazing Romance scene acting lol I still think it’s funny that this doesn’t count as a kiss. It makes sence, but man, it’s leagues ahead of the first kiss lol.

Then it became too late for sims to be around anymore, so Jace had to go back home for the night. He used his time we’ll and practiced some more acting so we can get a promotion tomorrow, because booooy he needs money lol somehow acting doesn’t pay that well when you’re living on your own and don’t complement with painting or writing lol good to know.

But anyways, he has no money~ so he’s still having to deal with the non-glamourous tasks of the sim life and cleaning the dirty shower. And repairing everything Jacques keeps breaking when he haunts.

Like he is just today! Jace takes a moment to try and distract him so he doesn’t break any more stuff. I’m gonna try to get this ghost kiss out of the way so we can get rid of the tombstones lol.

It didn’t happen tonight tho, Jace needed to sleep at least a couple hours.

Next day its time to go visit the gym. Jace’s fitness still leaves a lot of room for improving, so we’re still trying to stay on top for the gigs.

… He’s probably not gonna do super great at that with me interrupting him every ten minutes so he can introduce himself with someone lol but hey, it’s Brant Hecking!

They actually make such a cute couple… It’s a shame there can’t be anything more.

Also shout out to Brent back there ignoring everything that’s happening lol sorry Brent!

First kiss was achieved~ Brant Hecking, level 6 Bodybuilder, +15.

And just like Akira, he just disapeared as soon as the kiss was done lol now we’re missing another picture.

Hey, look! Jace is now father to a couple of half alien twins! That’s great!

Ah, yeah, throwing petals at Bjorn from literally 3 sims away lol btw, the enchanting introduction is really the best for these challenges, it just gets sims right in the mood!

… Jace? Are you okey?

Jace: “Of course! I’m just showing up my sick dance moves for this scene!”

Oh yeah, that’s an amazing move called ‘smelling the invisible steak’ lol I love catching sims in this weird moments.

We ended up going back home soon after that, but as usual we didn’t go alone: This time we took our future spellcaster kiss, Darrel Charm. He has a pretty interesting and out of the ordinary face, I kinda like him makes note to marry him someday.

Anyways, some chatting and flirting later, we score another kiss!

And we take his picture before he can escape us! That’s Darrel Charm, Spellcaster +25+!

Speaking about escaping pictures, this is how the wall is looking so far, I left space for the missing pictures for when we have some time to invite those two over. I think it’s coming along great!

I also think we can add it another pic before going to sleep, so we called Dina to join us. We also used the Beguiling action, I love that he literally shoots a love arrow at them lol.

Anyways, the arrow worked great at setting the mood, and Dina was one of the only conquests that actually went in autonomous kisses/flirting lol.

And we had another kiss done in no time! Dina Caliente, level 1 Culinary nevermind Akira, you’re not the only one slacking around here lol +15

And we get her photo added to the wall~ Sucessful night!

And then I finally let Jace go to sleep lol.

Jacques is out tonight again, and I thank him a lot for only haunting the bathroom counters. Why can all sims be like that? It would save us a lot of headaches lol.

Specially necause seriously, Jace is pretty much broke lol when I first started this challenge my idea was to eventually move Jace to one of the big celebrity mansions in this town, but he’s like a week towards his Adult birthday and this is all the money he has to his name lol.

Dedicating your life to kissing people don’t leave you much time to earn money lol.

Anyways, we leave my dreams of celebrity mansions behind and just continue working on Jace’s acting skills. He really liked doing this weird musical scenes, and I love watching him because it’s so silly lol.

Then it was time for another gig! So first up, he practices his lines with his co-star. Who is not Judith Ward today lol.

Today the make-up and hair people decided that he should be blonde… I don’t like it lol I still think Jace looks so much better with his black hair lol.

But anyways, me liking it or not, his bosses liked it! He had a Gold star in no time, and completed the “earn a gold on a comercial gig” part of his new aspiration. Next up he needs to do a tv series gig.

But that’s gonna wait to the next chapter, because this is where we are leaving for today!

I hope you keep having fun with me and Jace! we’re reaching middle point with this challenge, at a much slower pace than I thought we would, but we’re getting there! I’m gonna try to get a better rhythm with it so we can finally finish it.

I hope to bring another chapter soon, so I hope to see you then!

As always, happy simming everyone!

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