Chapter 1: The one with a really bad cop

Hey there! Welcome to the first update of Jace’s Kissing booth challenge!

I hope you’re ready for a lot of sim-crazyness, and probably sim-jealously in hands of the newest heartrobber in town, Jace Gallagher.

So, first things first: this is Jace. He’s an outgoing guy with fear of commitment and little bit of a childlish nature. As a man who doesn’t want to feel trapped on a relationship he has decided to move into Del Sol Valley to persue his two biggest dreams: To be a Serial romantic and, hopefully a Master actor too!

First order of bussines:  Interrupt Jace’s race to the TV and get him a job.

He’s not starting in the Acting career right now. He’s gonna spend a couple days in the Law enforcement one because I want to try to get those points for npcs xD

Buut as acting is gonna be his end goal, he gets right into it while we wait a little to see if someone interesting comes by. Later we’ll go out to meet some people but I wanted to start his skilling while he’s on a good mood.

Mmm, not a very good omen that the first person that passes by is a teen. Somebody else?

And the premades start comming! Nancy Landgrab was the first one. She’s pretty low on the Criminal career buut she’s so pretty and it never hurts to meet lots of people in this game except for the death callings which I still hate, but that’s not the point xD.

Then Marcus Flex walked by looking sad, so Jace, feeling confident, tried to cheer him up.

It worked! Marcus is unemployed, but he could find a good job later in the game so he’s on hold for now.

Also please appreciate Moira Fyres’ cold weather outfit. It’s like… the least cold-proof clothing she could have picked, but at least she looks great in it xD

And we were off to the gym and hit the jackpot! Don Lothario is the gym trainer! he seems like the perfect guy to start this challenge with.

But first Jace asked him to mentor. Fitness is one of those skills that never hurts to have and a lot of acting gigs need it so better start early. He made it to level two in just one sesion!

And it was time to put out some moves on Don. I love romantic sims in this type of challenges, they’re always up for the deal xD

And just like that, kiss #1 is down! this is +5 for kissing Don Lothario for the first time, and +15 because he’s a gym trainer in this save!

After this, because Jace needs two dates for his aspiration we decided to ask Don to be the first one and we moved the party to The Solar Flare.

Turns out Dennis Kim is this place Mixologist. I really like Dennis, but I have plans already for him (and yeah, that sounds pretty Grimm… I’m a terrible person xD), so we’re gonna wait to meet some other options for this point.

We did say hi to him because I want them to be friends.

The date went great! Even if Jace decided to stay in his work out clothes the whole time for some reason. I’m not sure if that’s the best move after spending her afternoon doing weights lol.

Also I love the “make a move” interaction xD Don’s face is priceless.

And then they both decided to confess their fear of commitment one after the other xD it was really funny, but I guess they wanted to make sure they’re both on the same page about this~?

Excuse the UI, this screenshot was to show that the date is over, it was a gold one! As a good uncontrollable sim Don is heading home now, and Jace is gonna wait for a little while to try and talk the entertainer on the mic.

He took the chance to meet this guy, Nikolai, who’s a paparazzi. He’s cute in a hipster kind of way, I deffinitely would have considered him for a spouse in any other challenge xD

Then he ate some food at the invisible bar while talking to Dennis some more.

Also this pic of Wolfgang Munch fainting over a celebrity was one of my favorite moments of the night xD I love Wolfgang, he’s one of my favorite premades.

And we finally had some time to get to know the entertainer. Her name is Keirsten Timmons.

I’m planning on having a “kisses wall” with selfies with every person Jace kisses, is something I do on my 100 babies challenge to keep track of the fathers. So we started with Keirsten.

Saddly I think we got a little ahead of ourselves and I understimated how tired Jace was and we had to go home before getting to kiss her.

And next day it was time for work! this is our boss, anoither sim I’m gonna try to work in while we’re in this career-

But that would be later, right now it’s time for our first case!

Not pictured: Jace taking a shower and eating a BLT at the station, because he was so tired that he slept right until I got the pop up to join him at work.

No matter how many times I play this career, I always have fun with the crime scenes. Jade Rosa was one of our witnesses this time.

After getting the evidence dealed with we tried ta little romance with her.

She was into it at the start but then Jace tried to ask for her number and she said no. And since flirting while embarrased is a bad idea, we left it there, hopefully we’ll have more time for getting theses points.

Bach in the station and getting some more work done… kind of.

I just love how unprofessional he is xD He takes out this prisioner to take his fingertips and photos and then proceds to flirt with him, a lot xD

Also the guy looks super charmed, it’s kinda adorable. His name is Abdullah something, I’ll check once I got back to the game.

And back at home, this is surprisungly Jace’s first time cooking something. My Sims usually start learning to cook as soon as they’re home, but since Jace was out most of the day meeting people yesterday and working today, he had been eating out so far.

And then Don called to come over and we said yes, we still needed a pic with him to add our kisses wall.

They’re actually pretty cute together, it’s even making me like Don a bit more, and I’ve never been his fan xD

And because Jace was needing some fun they got down to bussiness. I was very tempted to hit “Try for baby” because I’m curious about how their kids would look like, and because I want to laugh at Don being pregnant, but I couldn’t remember if it was against the rules so they just had regular woohoo.*

Next day I decided to keep working on Abdullah before heading out to patrol. Jace took him out of his cell to keep flirting, because that’s definitelly not weird and not something cops shouldn’t do xD

Aaaaand second kiss done! That’s +15 points for kissing a NPC (Criminal) and +5 because Abdullah is a new guy.

And the picture, Abdullah is now part of our kisses wall.

Now we can go on patrol duty! And Jace literally spent just two minutes in his uniform and decided to change into sports wear and play bascketball. Seriously he’s a really bad cop xD

While waiting for someone to get into a fight to get our sitation done with, we started talking to this guy and found out he’s a mailcarrier! He’s pretty handsome too (have I mentioned that my game tends to make really good looking mailcarriers for some reason? The ones in my drifter save are always h-o-t!), So we have another date in the future it seems!

And the fight I was waiting for! Kinda, I actually was following around Dina Caliente because she was walking angrily since Jace got there, but the fight was between Miko Ojo and some elder wearing a masked brawler suit xD

Dina did end up getting in a fight with Nikolai, but Jace already had what he wanted.

And he needed to get out of there before freezing to death *heavy sigh* that’s why you don’t take off your comfy and warm uniform while you’re on patrol in a cold city dude.

He’s deffinitelly not the brightest y’all. He got the message that his suspect had been seen in the San Myshuno gym, and right after he got there he decided to go take a shower and then walk around on his towel.

Also, I’m really sure that one of those girls was the suspect, but since they were on work.out and cold-weather clothes the whole time, I couldn’t see who had a skirt on their everyday outfit and he also couldn’t find out who was a geek. I’m gonna have to get him the Observant trait. it’s one of my favorites anyway xD

back at home to eat the garden salad he left on the table that morning, poor Jace still has trouble getting ready for work in time because I¿m a bad watcher/player.

He still needs another date for his aspiration, so we called Keirsten to try and pick up were we left last night.

Aaaand one of my favorite premades is the mixologist in this bar! I knew it was a good idea wait a little more

This date was kind of a mess. I’m not sure if it was because of Brytani Cho, but everytime I tried to send them to sit and talk inside the bar they would inmediatly stand up and go outside again. I caught Keirsten clapping at Brytani a couple times so I feel it may be her fault.

But we finally got kiss #2 dealt with! +20 points more for new sim + NPC status!

And because Jace’s aspiration also needs a boyfriend/girlfriend he decided to ask Keirsten…and she rejected him. I wasn’t expecting that, she isn’t non.-commital as far as I know.

I ended up the date and I send Jace inside to say hi to Nina, and instead of leaving Keirsten decided to come inside and sit next to him, maybe she changed her mind?

Somehow they moved the party up to the bathrooms, I don’t get why sims think that bathrooms are the most amazing places in the world, but oh well…


Also, your hand looks kinda painful Keirs!

And things appeared to be going ok after all, so Jace gave another go to the Girlfriend thing… and this time Keirsten said yes! That completed the first milestone of the Serial romantic aspiration for him!

And this is a good point to stop for today I think! I hope you had fun with this and come again to watch Jace get into more trouble once he gets some more bfs/gfs~

See ya next time!

* I checked the rules again and the only thing that’s against them is giving birth/raising children in your own household, so I’m deffinitely having kids with Don just for fun xD I kinda want to try having kids with all the sims he kisses as a personal side challenge- We’ll see if it isn’t too complicated.

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