Chapter 2: The one with… a PlantSim?

Hi there! and sorry for taking so long with this, I got really distracted xD

Anyway, last chapter we got the start to our adventure, meeting our heartbreaker Jace Gallagher and having him started on his temporary job at the police station. We got some kisses done, but there are a lot more in store for us now! Let’s dive into it!

So this is were I found Jace when I opened the game, apparently Keirsten left after they became boyfriend and girlfriend and Jace decided to nap in a bench instead of going home or something more useful yeah I know I have to send him home, but it’s still funny to pretend I don’t xD

Also, no idea why he’s just a black silhouette…I played this after the Island Living update, so maybe is some kind of bug or someting is now clashin with his CC hair… I hope is not that because I really like that hair on him.

But apparently he likes to be that way? I was really hoping that taking him home will be enough to return him his colors, but nope.

Also, he kind of remind me of that pic that’s around the internet of Grim Reaper from the sims 3 in his formal wear, I think he was also just a black silhouette with green eyes xD

So… I tried a lot of things to make him ho back to normal. I went into CAS and came back, re-started the game, reset him… and nothing worked out I didn’t tried changing his hairstyle because I was still in denial and then I used the “Debug” option…and he turned into a Plant sim.

Good thing? he has his colors back! Bad thing? Aparently there’s no “normal” way to turn him back into a normal sim until the moodlet goes away IN FIVE DAYS.

So yeah… we’re stuck with a plant sim until then because the cheat that let you remove all moodlets is no longer aviable in the game. Once he turns back to normal I’ll see if it’s the hairstyle what’s clashing with the game…

For now, he has job to do!

And by job to do, I actually mean sims to seduce. I got tired of working in this career and I want to start him in the acting one, so this is the last time he comes to the police station.

Our goals now? Seduce a “civilian” and hopefully, also the chief of the station!

So… Don is one of the civilians today. As much as I love that he’s handsome and romantic, we already kissed him once, so he’s out of the question. We’re going for that pretty lady next to him!

Her name is Blake Rasoya, which makes her obviously the wife of Raj Rasoya… looks like Jace is getting into married territory already!

I was a little on the fence about starting to fliit with her with Don there, but he decided to go first and we got free range with Blake! Then we had to catch her because she wanted to run away too, I think she suspected what Jace had in mind xD

Anyway, a lot of jokes and flirts to set up the mood…

And we got her! Kiss #4 ready. +20!

And…at this point is when I realize that there is no “Civilian” in the challenge’s list of sims to kiss… so I’m not sure if I should count the points or not. It is a NPC title as they get the red title on top of their names, so I belive it counts and I decided to add it at the end of the list, but we’ll see xD

But anyway, Jace still took the pic for his Kissing Wall~ Job done.

So we move inside to try and work some moves on our boss. This is Katlin Darden and she’s the current Chief of the station. I double checked with MCCC help to ensure that she actually has the highest position in this career, and looks like she does! so first level 10 career sim to the list!

She was super receptive to Jace advances! and I had a lot of fun doing all the special options that you get while flirting with a co-worker lol Jace had to be a very bad cop until the end!

+10 points and another pic! Out job here is done!

And I meant it literally xD after that I made Jace go home early and just as he returned home he finally got a job in the Acting career! Now things are gonna get real fun! He selected a job inmediatly, but we have to wait until tomorrow for his audition.

Because he’s a plant sim for now, Jace needs a lot of sun, and it’s been really cloudy in Del Sol Valley lately, so the next stop on the day had to be Oasis Springs’ park. It’s nice to know that this place is almost always sunny when you need it~

We tried meeting some new people while we were at it, but so far we haven’t gotten lucky meeting more level 10 sims *sigh* this is gonna take some time. We stayed at the park until it got dark and then Jace headed home to sleep.

Next morning, miraculously, it was sunny in Del Sol Valley! (and btw, I think it’s super ironic that it has been cloudy so much in the place literally named Valley of the sun… #Logic)

Jace is making the most of his free morning by jogging around the neighborhood.

And then coming back for a shower and some acting practicing.

Side note: I think I have never before used that shirt on a sim, and I don’t know why, I love it!

And then time to meet some more people! Still no luck with the jobs. Also, that ice skating dress seems to be very popular around here, is the same that Moira Fyres was wearing when we met her.

Jace got a whim to be friendly with Anthony, the mail carrier that he met last chapter. I looked around the neighborhood and saw him walking by so I sent Jace to say hi, but he rudely dissapeared before we could!

I don’t give up easily so I inmediatly told Jace to call him and invite him to a date, and he was into it!

It’s summer, so we went for a fresh date at the Winderburg pool! Here is Anthony for everybody who doesn’t remember how does he look. I still think he’s really handsome.

Also the lady Jace met earlier that day is now following him apparently lol go away woman, dates are supossed to be between the two ineterested sims.

Lady: What if I’m interested in him?

Get yourself a good job and then we can talk!

Lady: That’s so rude!

Stil, true though.

Anyway, date went around pretty good after we managed to get rid of the lady. But I’m still a little annoyed that even if it was a pool date, they didn’t even made it inside the building, let alone the pool xD

But we scored again! this is another +20 points for us!

And another pic for the wall~

Side note, apparently when I was hanging the pics on the Kissing wall later that play session I accidentally erased all his pics with Anthony, so I gotta remember to call him to take another one.

And then Jace asked him to be his boyfriend… and he said no. Geez, poor Jace isn’t having much luck in that department.

Look, Geoffrey Landgrab is a vendor in this save! I feel like it doesn’t suit him at all lol I thought about wooing him, but he’s not really my Jace’s type, so we’ll wait for another vendor.

Back to the Oasis Springs park to fill Jace sunshine needs. At this point I’m so freaking over the PlantSim thing, getting him sun is annoying and just as I get it done he0s needing water! We met this guy there, and believe it or not, he’s a teenager! Those are some pretty impressive muscles for a teen lol

We also chatted  a little while with this dude because I thoght he might be a painter for his outfit, but nope, he’s just another mail carrier.

And then it was time for Jace to go for his first audition! Have fun and good luck!

Jace passed his audition! And because Don is being awesome in this save, he invited him to a dance party to celebrate! At least that’s what I’m gonna say Of course we said yes, because Dance parties mean one thing:

DJ! Gimme those points!

But first… As you may remember I said last chapter that I wanted to try for a baby with Don out of curiosity, and since it’s not against the rules, we’re having that baby!

Also, Jace looks so wacky in this pic lol Love it.

Deal sealed and it’s time to put our moves into work with our buddy Mack here. He’s super receptive, but even with that it took a while because he insisted in going back to playing music for the party… like it was his job or something…

Selfie time~

And kissing time! +20 more, we’re on fire this chapter!

Then another “try for a baby” because now I want to spread Jace’s genetics LOL

Also, they went all the way into the labyrinth to woohoo when there were at least two bushes closer to them. #SimLogic

After cheking out with MCCC that they’re indeed expecting, Jace asked him to be his boyfriend and thankfully he said yes! Finally! This evening was a succesful one-

Random pic of Jace chatting with Dennis next day, because I love Dennis and we’re still working on being friends with him and a lot of other elder we can meet hopefully.

But we had to leave fast because one of his old flames decided to invite him to the Spice festival! Remember our criminal kiss? I called him Abdullah all of last chapter and then when I went back into the game I learned that his name is actually Aarush Whitehead, my bad Aarush.

Well, anyway, It’s nice to see that he was released from jail!

I’m not an expert on food vending and all that but… I don’t think that’s the right attire to sell food. Maybe I should’ve chose to kiss Geoffrey xD

Thankfully there were other vendors around and I think this girl is the winner! Her name is Devon Carpenter and she’s really pretty! They chatted for a while but she ran away before they could get into the romantic stuff xD

So I decided to make Jace take the Curry challenge because he was already there. I didn’t expected him to win because he had never eaten anything spicy, but dude decided to prove me wrong!

He won with the only cost of his hydratation, as tired as I am of the plantsim thing, I must admit that it’s pretty fuunny that his hair turns gray when he needs water, and extra funny because I picture him as a pretty vain guy so I feel it must bother him LOL

But at least he had that pretty mixologist to distract him, she doesn’t seem to mind that he looks like her grandpa xD

Jace: Stop with the old jokes!

Hey! I knew that it bothered him xD

So… did the Island living update brought back the crazy hats for somebody else or is it just me? xD I’ve seen a couple of sims walking around wearing those masks lately and it’s annoying me xD

And apparently while I was distracted taking a pic of that man the mixologist finished her shift and another one came in. That’s rude! We were almost at first kiss relationship level!

Dissapointed, I sent Jace back to the festival to try again with Devon, but things didn’t got very far either.

She accepted to help him practice his acting before his gig tomorrow al least, but then he had to go back home to catch some sleep before said gig, so we ended the night with no new kisses.

Next morning he actually woke up early enough to get his needs up before work! He even got some time to go “absorb solar light” from the plants around his house because it was cloudy in Del Sol Valley again.

And it’s time to become a star! First day at work!

This dude is the make-up artist, and he looks A LOT like the paparazzi Jace met last chapter, I just thought it was funny xD

Getting ready~ Thankfully it only took one try. I remember when my first sim got into acting she had to go trough make up and hair four times before they got it right, and it was my first time playing it so I didn’t knew why the task didn’t registered xD

I just gotta say that our wardrove stylist has some pretty big Gay energy… so I flagged him to only marry males xD

Jace being professional as always *sarcasm* and complimenting his pregnant director so we can get started with the romance with her.

And then is time to film the commercial! So far I don’t get tired of acting even if I dind’t expected much from the pack when it first came out xD it’s a lot more fun that I expected.

Also no idea why his hair only changed after he finished shooting xD

The update also messed up with my screenshots making them always come without UI *annoyed sigh* but this pic was supossed to show that Jace finished his first day at work with a promotion! we’re moving up~

And to celebrate, we invited over a friend who’s hopefully gonna become more soon! Nikolai was happy to recieve a call, and was totally in the mood for a date.

This time we stayed home for the date, and to take advantage of the lot traits I chose. We have convivial to help raise charisma skill, and romantic aura to help with the mood~

And they surely work! Another kiss and extra points from kissing a paparazzi. +20

We finish the update with the newest addition to our wall! we’re up to 8 kisses in two updates, not bad at all!

Next chapter hopefully Jace will return to his normal. non-PlantSim self, I’m already excited about that, so join us then for more kissing adventures! and hopefully meeting some of the kids that are on their ways *winks*

See you then!


Points so far: 155

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