Chapter 6: The one with FAILS!

Hey there everyone! I’m ready to bring you another update of Jace’s kissing adventures!

Last chapter we managed to complete Jace’s Serial romantic aspiration, earning him the Player reward trait that’s gonna help him going on with this challenge! We did some work, we met some more people, and just keep working our way throught the sea of sims to kiss lol! This time we’ll keep working on that!

Jace is working now on the Master Actor aspiration, being on that step where he needs to complete a sitcom/series gig, so let’s see if we can get him through that. With no more to say, lets dive in~

Just like last time, Jace starts us with some of his less favorite activities: repairing the stuff that Jacques keeps breaking lol.

Also as you may notice, Jace once again has a different hairstyle. Since I didn’t bring my adult CC to the new laptop because I rarely used it, I had to give him something new lol I think this is one of the DU hairs, I really likes how it looks on him.

Anyways, because I’m tired of Jacques breaking everything, we’re getting the ghost kiss out of the way lol first step: get the ghost happy.

Next, taking picture for the wall! I love my kisses wall lol.

And then, kiss! Jacques Villarreal, ghost, +25

It’s a shame he isn’t part of the criminal career anymore, so we get no more points now *sighs* but anyways, now we can get rid of the tombstones and return to the peaceful nights!

Also I just remembered that Jace has this celebrity quirk, thankfully it’s not that strong so it gets buried under his positive moodlets lol. I’m still keeping an eye on it tho.

Anyways, since it was late afternoon and we had nothing better to do, Jace went to introduce himself to more people. This is Kelvin, and we quickly know that he’s at the top of the Lifeguard career~ he also has some very impressive muscles lol.

Jace decides to invite him yo hang out at the park, where they try a romantic scene to get some tips and experience for Jace.

Then they move to the real romance for the night~

And kiss!

And picture! Kelvin Trotter, level 3 Lifeguard, +15!

And riiiiiight after that I saw one of my favorite premades walking on the background, so of course, we went for one more!

Somehow it was really easy to build their relationship, it’s a shame they can’t get married, I just adore Candy lol.

And picture to prove our sucess! I’m counting Candy as a Entertainer career kiss, she’s currently an Open mic seeker, which I believe is level 6. Anyways, +15!

With our business in the park finished, we went back home. But Jace wasn’t really tired and there were some broken things in the house…

So we called a rapairsim! This is Fetia Ausage, she’s quite pretty~

We almost lost her tho, she finished repairing the sinks and ran straight for the door, but Jace caught her in time with an enchanting introduction. Time to turn up the charm now~

We got our kiss! And then they also enjoyed some fun try for baby, I’m still adamant on getting as many tiny Jace’s as I can lol.

Anyways, +20 for kissing a repairfolk!

Jace finally went to bed after last pic, but since we had time before his audition next day, we decided to take a trip to Hendford and Bagley to try luck with some of the pack NPCs.

First stop, the Grocery shop owner Kim Goldbloom~

We also saw Agatha Crumplebottom on the gardening shop but… I’m gonna go on and guess that she and Agnes are also some of those sims you’re not supossed to romance? I’m not sure but… I mean, at least with Agnes I think it must be a foolish endeavor lol.

Anyways, back to Kim~ we quickly take her picture for our wall. Isn’t she soooo pretty? I really love her look for some reason! Cottageliving brought us a ton of good looking new premades for sure!

And we quickly score a kiss! Kim Goldbloom, grocery store owner, +20

Again, seriously good looking sims in this pack! Damn, I gotta remember to play a Black Widow challenge sometime so I can break Thomas’ marriage without feeling too guilty lol.

We spend some time around the plaza to see if some other NPCs would come by, and they didn’t, but hey, we did find Victor Feng! Time to complete what we started in another chapter!

And kiss~ they were basically at kiss level already, so this was fast. Also everyone thank Jace’s serial romantic aspiration for the fact we don’t have to worry about his other beaus seeing him flirt!

And we have another pic for the wall! Victor Feng, level 9 Polititian, +15!

And another fav premade from my list ❤ Now time to go back home and take care of Jace’s needs before work~


I was trying to cancel Jace’s actions so he would go to his audition, and somehow I canceled the audition itself! And note to self; unlike when they’re going to work, you don’t get second chances to send them to the auditions! You cancel it, you’re done…

*heaaaaaaavy sigh* now we’re gonna be out of work for two days more… thanks game. We’re also probably gonna run out of food… so maybe we can take advantage of that and order some lol.

But that will be later. for now since we now have the afternoon free *grumbles grumbles*, we move to a bar in Strangerville to meet some more people.

First person we met: this is Ryan Swarz, and he’s both a Military personal NPC, and a level 4 Militar, so more points for us~

And kiss!

Ryan Swartz, military personal, +20

While flirting with Ryan we saw Case, the Food critic from the restaurant. I could swear I had already kissed him, but my notes and pictures say no, so I guess we can go ahead and do it now lol.

Kiss out of the way! he left before we could take a picture tho, Case is really not making things easy on us lol. But points anyways~ Case Faulkner, Food critic, +20!

Before leaving we tried our moves with Korey here, he’s a conspiracy theorist, and I think he’s got the news about Jace’s reputation and decided to play it safe, because he ended up disapearing before we could do much more than ask for his name lol.

I think we had a very productive day already tho, not counting the audition fail, so we went back home so Jace could sleep.

Next morning, he officially eats his last plate of stolen pizza while watching the comedy chanel. We better get a gig soon or he’s gonna have to start to actually pay for his meals lol who does that? Definitely not Jace!

Anyways, since his audition isn’t until the afternoon and we were looking for something to do until then, we take the offer from Arush to meet him at the Flea market~

I still really like Arush, he’s just such a sweet guy, specially for being the one we met at the police station lol.

While at San Myshuno we see Case hanging around too, so Jace takes the chance to take the picture we missed yesterday~

He also takes a picture with Bob Pancakes, I remember I was gonna try to romance him for…a reason lol but then I got inmediatly distracted…

Because there’s a lot of people to meet around, and I caught Lily Feng passing by! Since I know she’s pretty high in the business career, and we just kissed her husband yesterday, I wanna get her too!

Quick picture to get friendship up~ it’s a shame Katrina isn’t looking towards the camera or this would’ve totally had worked as a group selfie lol just a random thought.

And after a little flirting, kiss~ Lily Feng, level 9 Business Career, +15

Also, inmediatly after the kiss I saw Victor pass behind us and booooy he’s not happy lol again, thanks to Jace’s reward trait, Vitctor is actually just angry at Lily lol I find it hilarious, poor Lily.

Jace doesn’t get to go without chastisment though, apparently Agnes Crumplebottom is perfectly inmune to his reward trait, and I die laughing seeing her hitting him with her purse lol!! Agnes is one of the best adhitions to this game in a long time!! I still wonder of you can kiss her or Agatha… I gotta look that up lol.

Jace: “I think that woman broke my back or something!”

Aren’t you being a little too dramatic? lol You even have a crowd around you and everything!

Jace: “It’s called acting! And if I have a crowd, it means I’m doing it good!”

I mean, I guess he makes a good point…

I also tried to have him get a kiss from the living statue, but man this people are commited to their title lol we couldn’t do more than watch her and applaude her.

So Jace ended up going to play bascketball while we waited for her to finish her performance, but we didn’t manage before the audition. This wasn’t our most productive day lol.

Specially because when I got distracted Hace decided to go enter the karaoke contest lol we didn’t get to know who won because right after this shot he did get sent to the audition.

Whiiiiiich he failed… Damn, in all my times playing with this career, I think this is my first time failing an audition o.o I wasn’t Even sure of it was possible… Maybe he didn’t had the right skills or something? Damn… *Keeps rambling*

At this point I got annoyed enough with Jace to stop playing, he really wasn’t putting an effort *sighs*

Jace: “Hey, I’m doing my job! Not my fault if you didn’t pay attention to my skills!”

I’m not 100% sure that was what happened… But I’ll give him the benefit of doubt lol. Still, I was annoyed so I stopped playing right here, so this is where our update ends today.

Next time, hopefully we get some more work progression done lol also we may take one or two trips to get some more npc kisses, but I gotta keep my eye on the money right now lol acting really doesn’t leaves you that much!

Anyways, I hope you join us then! Wish Jace luck for his next auditions! and until then, happy simming!


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